Do you want to know more about chexsystems dispute in 2019? If you have reasons to dispute your credit report errors with chexsystems today, then this guide is for you.

You will see the phone number, the mail address, and the full process to submit your dispute form now. Before you continue reading, kindly note that the official duration for the processing of  dispute is usually 30 days.

However, you have to note that chexsystems usually process dispute within 21 days for only residents of mine. With that in mind, let us move straight to the process to start your dispute right away now.

How to submit chexsystems dispute form Online?

Submitting your dispute form is so easy, you are even allowed to attache your dispute correspondence if you have any.

As I’ve told you before now, the online submission form is just easy to fill and submit, all you need is to make sure you provide the right information.

Before you can submit your chexsystems dispute online, you will have to accept that  you are at least 18 years or above. Try to make sure you read about recent guide on this Equifax Dispute.

If you want to start your dispute online, then you have to kindly visit the offical website/portal

Let us move ahead now and show you the second method you can use to submit your dispute to chexsystems today.

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Sending a mail to chexsystems dispute Mail Address

If you want to send your dispute form to chexsystems via mail, then you have to follow the steps outlined below now. You’ll see all the right steps to send your mail to chexsystems now.

Chex Systems, Inc.

Attn: Consumer Relations

7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100

Woodbury, MN  55125

Kindly note that you are going to send your mail in the below format, kindly take note of the format below okay.

Dispute correspondence must include:

  • Full name
  • Social Security number
  • Current and mailing address
  • Consumer ID number if available
  • Identify the information being disputed and provide the specific nature of your dispute

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Chexsystems Dispute

Submitting your dispute through Fax

You can send a fax message to chexsystems now. If you want to send your chexsystems Dispute through fax, then see the number below:

Chexsystems fax number for dispute 602.659.2197

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Kindly note that you’re expected to also send your message in the letter format as that of mail.

Now let’s show you the easiest way to submit chexsystems Dispute forms online now.

Just read through the information contained below.

Chexsystems Dispute phone number to call

Thw best way to dispute is by speaking with chexsystems live person via the phone number provided on the dispute page.

You can call the live person now, while on call make sure you provide all the relevant information that’ll help the support to track your account.

If you want to speak with a live person, then call this number 800.513.7125.

How to check chexsystems Dispute status?

It’s very easy to check the status of your dispute with chexsystems. Kindly note that you’ll need send ChexSystems Verification Letter 2 once you get notice after 30 days. Your original bank and chexsystems will need to verify things for you.


If you did not hear from chexsystems, then you can send letter 4 which covers the no response message. Make sure you speak with the customer care live person to know the best way to get your dispute.

Do you still have questions about chexsystems Dispute Form and processing, if yes, comment now.