Let’s give you an answer on do credit Unions use Chexsystems right away okay, would you like to find out if credit unions do make use of chexsystems? if yes, then this guide will help you understand better.

We will be showing list’s of banks that don’t use chexsystems, this will help you make a better decision on your financing.

But first, before we answer you on do credit Unions use Chexsystems now, let us explain in details what chexsystems is all about, it’s important for you to know what chexsystems is about.

What is Chexsystems?

Most Credit Unions and banks make use of chexsystems to get both negative and positive information. These banks  and credit unions use chexsystems to get five years banking information of a customer.

Now, let’s go ahead and answer the questions of the day, you’ll get to know if credit unioins do use chexsystmesof not.

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Do credit Unions use Chexsystems Now?

No, most credit unions don’t make use of chexsystmes in getting customers positive and negative information, this is because of the high rate of second chance checking accounts.  So when next you ask do credit unions use chexsystems in collecting customers banking history, you have to make reference to his article.

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List All Banks and credit unions that make use of chexsystems

Here are list of all the top credit unions and banks that don’t use chexsytems.  take a good look at the list here, so you can determine your next move. The banks and credit unions listed below fall under Non-ChexSystems accounts and second chance banks.

  1. 1st Convenience Bank
  2. Woodforest Bank
  3. Wells Fargo
  4. USAA
  5. TCF Bank
  6. Peoples Cash Solutions
  7. Capital One 360
  8. BBVA Compass ClearChoice Free Checking
  9. United Bank
  10. Renasant Bank
  11. Navy Federal Credit Union
  12. Fort Sill National Bank
  13. Suntrust Bank


The major reasosn why most banks and credit unions don’t make use of chexsystems is because of the customers with low or bad credit that chexsystmes don’t recommend.

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Hope your questions do credit Unions use Chexsystems today, is now fully answered? if you still have uestions, do drop it on the comment box below.