This is a well explained guide about equifax credit lock & alert is done in 2019. Here’s how to lock your  faster so that you’ll have rest of mind. First you have to kindly note that credit lock with equifax is simple, it requires just a swipe.

It takes just few seconds to lock and unlock your credit, you just need the equifax lock and alert app to have control of your account.

What is Equifax credit lock?

A credit lock is a security applied to your credit report by equifax, it dose not require much. With just your username and password, you’ll be good to go. The good news here is that identity thieves will not be able to open new account using your details.

A lock is not same as credit freeze, it’s advisable you need to properly understand what a freeze is all about now by reading this guide about equifax credit freeze.

You’ll see reason why you need to secure your account now as fast as possible. We’ll also guide you on how to unlock it whenever you desire.

If you are ready to start , then take a look at the information below, kindly pay attention to each step down okay. Now, dive straight to the proper ways to lock your credit report right away

Is Equifax credit Lock Free?

Yes, a credit lock with equifax is free, you’re not paying for it at all, all you need is just to sign up for it. So since you are not paying any thing to lock your account, why not take advantage of it so you can add good security to your account.

How to Equifax Credit Lock is done?

You can lock your credit right away by just downloading equifax lock & alert app, once you download it, install and run it on your Android or iPhone (Apple Inc). please kindly note that you need just to click or swipe on your phone to lock or unlock your credit report.

Can A minor use Lock & alert service?

No, equifax dose not allow minors to use the credit lock and alert app. This service is only available to only 18+. However, you can request a security freeze for minor provided you have all the documents that permits you to.

Equifax credit Lock & alert is for only adults okay, so make sure you get it for yourself if you are 18+ or above.

What is equifax credit lock phone number?

If you want to speak with equifax live person, then you have to checkout Equifax Phone Number Live Person now.

Speaking with a live person will help you understand everything you need to know about equifax lock & alert okay.

You need to kindly note that (800) 349-9960 is the official phone number you can call to speak with live equifax person today.

Do i need a pin to lock my account?

You don’t need pin dear, what you need is to swipe your phone to lock or unlock your equifax credit report.

Steps for credit lock removal

You can remove equifax credit lock any time,  all you need is to open your app, swipe it, and your account is unlocked. It’s not necessary that you call equifax customer care center to remove your lock.



If you need to prevent identity theft, then you have get equifax credit lock on your credit report for life. In case you have any status error service, if yes reach out to equifax.

If you have questions about equifax credit lock today, kindly comment now below. Please note that you don’t need pin lock your account okay.