If you need to start Equifax extended fraud alert in 2019 now, then here is what you should Know now. You’ll learn about extended fraud alert from this guide. You will understand how this type fraud alert works.

This guide will help you decide on the best way to applying for Equifax Extended Fraud Alert okay.

If you are ready to understand more, then kindly take your to read through the information on this page. Make sure you checkout our guide on equifax dispute too.

What is a Fraud Alert?

First you need to understand what equifax fraud alert means — A fraud alert is meant to alert credit card companies and others who may extend you credit that you may have been a victim of fraud, including identity theft at any given moment.

Once you have fraud alert activated, you’ll be sure that your credit card company is keeping you covered. So now, let us talk about the extended fraud alert offered by equifax.

What is an An Equifax extended fraud alert

This is considered the longest fraud alert you can apply to your account. if you want to apply an extended fraud alert to your account, then you have to read the information on this page very well okay.

Before you start, kindly note that an extended fraud alert is not too different from initial fraud alert. The major different here is that equifax extended fraud alert last for a period of 7 years. You will also have full right to request for your credit report twice a year at no additional cost (Free).

Another good reason why you need to have an extended fraud alert is to remove your name for prescreened credit card or insurance offers for complete 5 years.

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Kindly note: Once you add fraud alert to your account after you download, fill and submit the form, you will have to verify your identity whenever you want to make any changes to your account. Call Equifax at (800) 525-6285 or send a request by mail.

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