Right now, we are going to explain equifax fraud alert the way you’ll understand it. You’ll see what initial an extended fraud alert is all about.

We’ll walk you through the perfect ways to apply tight security measures to your account, you also see why many people add fraud alert to their account.

If you are ready to learn about equifax fraud alert today, then ensure you read this guide till the very end. We have all the information you need about initial and extended fraud alert here.

First, we are going to start by giving you full information on what a fraud alert is all about and reasons why you need it. You can also checkout our resent guide on equifax dispute now as well.

What is Equifax fraud alert?

This is a red flag that is placed in your account, it alerts your credit card company of fraud and identity theft issue. Once you have a fraud alert enabled on your account, you will be made to identify yourself whenever you want to make a change in your account.

Did you understand the above explanation about what an equifax fraud alert is all about? if yes, then let us move ahead to the different types of fraud alert equifax can offer.

Initial fraud alert (One time alert)

If you need to secure your account from fraud related issues for a period of one year, then the initial equifax fraud alert is all you need. You can find out more information on how to get it from here: Equifax Initial Fraud Alert

Extended Fraud alert

This is like the king of all the fraud alert, it covers you for a period of seven years. You’ll also get free credit report twice a year.

The extended fraud protection, gives you full fraud and identity theft security for good 7 years. You can read more about Equifax Extended Fraud Alert okay.

Equifax fraud alert phone number

If you want to fasten your application, then you need to speak to the customer care officer. The representative will now be in best position to direct you on how to download the form for fraud alert by equifax.

You can call Equifax at (800) 525-6285 or send a request by mail for proper guide on how to request for the fraud alert form.

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10 Things you must know before you submit your form!

  1. First you need it to protect your account from any fraud related issues in the future
  2. Once you sign up, you’ll be covered in all identity theft issue
  3. You can reach out to the customer service any time
  4. The sign up process is so simple
  5. You can remove the equifax fraud alert any time by simply reaching out to the customer care phone number
  6. If you are going for the initial fraud alert, you’ll be giving a one year free credit report
  7. If you applied for the extended fraud alert, then you can request for your credit report twice a year
  8. You need to verify by phone call every time you want to make any change
  9. Equifax also offers Active duty fraud alert too
  10. The extended plan  removes your name from prescreened credit card or insurance offers for 5 years.

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Do you have more questions about equifax fraud alert again? if yes, kindly comment below now.