To start Equifax lift freeze today, you have to follow the guidelines on this page. You’ll see how to temporally or permanently unfreeze your credit now.

Placing a freeze lift on Equifax, is one which thousands of people would like to learn, but it will be bad for us to narrate how to place a freeze left on Equifax, without explaining what a freeze lift is.

You have to kindly note that freeze is far different from lock, if you want to instantly lock your account as well, the read about Equifax credit Lock.

A freeze lift, can also be known as a credit freeze or security freeze. A security freeze, also known as a credit freeze is a tool that can help prevent unauthorized access to your credit reports.

How permanent Equifax Lift Freeze is done?

To remove your equifax security freeze permanently, all you need to is call the automated Equifax Phone Number Live Person which is (800) 349-9960. You will be in need of the 10 digit PIN you got, when the freeze was initially placed.

You also have the right to place a temporal freeeze, it’s so simple.  Make sure you submit a request to place temporarily lift or permanently remove a security freeze by mail.

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Steps for Temporal Equifax lift freeze

To place, temporarily lift or permanently remove a security freeze on equifax credit report today, kindly ensure you reach-out to Equifax Phone Number Live Person .

The above is the official website of Equifax, if you wishes to carry out the Equifax lift freeze process online. But if you want to place a phone call, then kindly call the phone number listed above in this article.

Note: To remove a security freeze on your Equifax credit report online, You’ll need to create myEquifax account.  Kindly note that you don’t need  PIN is for online security freeze transactions.

Make sure you speak with equifax life person. He or she will guide you on the best way to unfreeze your credit record.

Do you have more questions now about Equifax lift freeze today? if yes, kindly comment below now.