Today, you see how Equifax Temporary Lift 2019 is done online. If you want to place a temporary Security freeze lift, then check the steps listed below.

Lifting a security freeze helps in so many ways, you’ll have control over your account.

If you think you no longer have security issues, or you want to have look at your account, then Equifax temporary lift is all you need.

Please kindly note the information below on things you should note while lifting your credit freeze via Equifax.

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6 things you should know about Equifax Temporary Lift

You can request for a temporal lift when you want to purchase a home

If you have plans to get a new car, then it’s important to lift your credit freeze temporary

It’s cool to also lift your credit lock when you’re applying for a new credit card. It makes the whole process simple and fast.

Kindly note that without placing a temporary lift, current creditors will still have access to your credit report.

In case you’re applying for a new job, you may need to give your credit report to some employees.

Kindly note with Equifax, your temporary lift is free.

Kindly follow the instructions to see how to request for a credit freeze lift now.

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How is Equifax security freeze temporary lift done?

Equifax Temporary Lift

First, you need to create my Equifax account before you can start Equifax temporary lift online from there login and start placing your lift.

You can also call Equifax phone number live person now to request for credit freeze lift. Kindly note that you’ll be asked to provide the 10 digit code you got during the time you freezer your credit report.

You can also request to get a lift by mail too. To do that, you’ll need the 10 digit pin as well.

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If you have more questions about Equifax temporary lift today, kindly drop a comment below.