If you need transunion customer service phone number  so you can speak with live person, then read this very well.

Talking with transunion customer service Representative is not as difficult as you think. It will take you just few seconds to connect with a live person. You will also have all the time in the world to discuss any issues you have.

  • It is normal for you to call transunion customer care service phone number when you face any of the following issues:
  • You can all to lift your credit lock
  • It’s normal for you speak with a customer care when you fell you are facing identity theft issues
  • You have to also try all you can to call transunion customer service phone number when you want to dispute your credit report.

There are other reasons why you can call transunions, it all depends on what you want. For instance, i can reach out to transunion if i want to get my credit report. I can also give them a call when i feel like my credit score is not what i want.

So, if you ever want to call transunions, then you have do that right away, it takes no time.

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Time to call Transunion Customer Service Phone Number?

If you want to be served right, then you need to know the official calling hour, this helps you get your call to a live person at at the right time.

Any day you want to speak with transunion customer service, call Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM ET. You can also call them on Saturday from  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET. Make sure you stick to transunion phone service hour.

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What is transunion customer service phone number?

Here’s the official transunion phone number you can call to get free credit report from Annualcreditreport.com, Purchase a TransUnion credit report, Place a Fraud Alert Freeze your TransUnion credit report, Lock your TransUnion credit report, Dispute an item on your TransUnion credit report.

Call this transunion customer service phone number right now: 800-916-8800

If you want to be served well, relate all the problems you’re facing at the moment with the customer care officer. If you are having dispute issues, say it.

Hope you have seen how easy it is to call transunion today? would you like to talk with them regarding your account, if yes, then call now.

Once you call the phone number, you can easily fix your problem.

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